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The methane nội dung in the mixtures varied from 2 to tướng 10 % according to tướng the latest estimations for this molecule in the satellite's atmosphere.

The construction process sánh far has used an aluminum mandrel for coating either thin multi-layers or mixtures, and then mandrel removal by an aqueous solution.

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In chromatic luminance space, this scheme would require that a majority of neurons be preferentially tuned to tướng mixtures of chromaticity and luminance variations. 2!

They could khuông only imperfect mixtures which gave rise to tướng the different qualities of mixts.

Grinding also has an effect on the spectral properties of many mixtures because the weaker grains are damaged preferentially.

Such mixtures of electrons, ions, and charged grains distinguish themselves from ordinary plasmas in various ways.

No data exist for the effects of basic salts or their mixtures on hosts infected with other endoparasites.

Chirality is generally considered to tướng be indicative of extant life only - chiral mixtures quickly become racemic due to tướng natural diffusion with the outside environment.

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Other models are life cycle, intergenerational with retirement, uncertain lifetimes, accidental and deliberate bequests, as well as mixtures of these.

Traditionally, banana stands were very long-lived and far mers often inherited existing cultivar mixtures from preceding generations.

The pre-treatment of cercariae led to tướng a reduced lifespan compared to tướng concurrently administered metal mixtures.

Up to tướng 100 % survival was reached in 1 centimet cubes of soil mixtures containing spores in concentrations comparable to tướng that in natural soil.

Furthermore, unreacted amino acids could not be recovered from these reaction mixtures.

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Preliminary results on the chemical processing of neat carbon dioxide ices, carbon dioxide-ethylene mixtures, and of carbon monoxidemethane ices are also presented.

Also, hin is higher in gas mixtures with hydrogen.

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